The package is aimed at firms who need to pump just enough concrete for, say, the foundations of a new extension or conservatory being added to a private house.

“At present they typically have two options,” says Putzmeister UK managing director, Austin Quier. “They can either place the concrete using a large pump with a boom, which can often amount to overkill for relatively small volumes, or employ labourers with wheelbarrows, which is inefficient.

“Our new RoLine pump represents a happy medium,” he continues. “It's light, quiet, easy to operate and can be used in tandem with a ready-mix truck or a volumetric batch mixer.

“It would take 90 barrow-loads to move 4.0m3 of concrete to the back of a house, a task that can be completed in less than six minutes using our system and with a lot less mess and upheaval too.”

Putzmeister opted for Canter on the grounds of price, payload and its compact dimensions. “We're running the pump off the truck's power take-off rather than using a donkey engine which will allow operators to carry up to 100m of delivery line,” Quier says. “The vehicle will be sold as standard with 40m of line.”