A new online management system has been launched, designed for fleets running up to 30 commercial vehicles.

RTC Online says its new RTC Lite system offers many of the key features from its full regular product, and targets fleets who may currently be using paper-based systems or spreadsheets.

Features include maintenance scheduling, defect reporting, centralised online document storage, an interactive dashboard with a full fleet performance overview, and connectivity with the user’s existing service and maintenance suppliers, along with the option of using R2C’s own network of 1,300 repairers.

Support for the product is provided digitally, with training, implementation, and teach-yourself videos provided through RTC’s online hub.

Managing director Tim Meadows claimed that small CV fleets were currently poorly served by fleet software products.

He said: “The fact is that smaller operators of commercial vehicles stand to gain from the core benefits of technology – better managerial control, improved efficiency and visibility – in exactly the same way as the very largest businesses.

“[RTC Lite features] essential tools that can make a positive difference to the performance of a fleet very quickly, with our online training hub materials designed to help fleets hit the ground running and produce measurable improvements as quickly as possible.”

Meadows said the demand for software for smaller fleets had been increasingly clear due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which also led to RTC seeing a 23% increase in business.

He said: “The coronavirus crisis has really brought home to many fleets of all sizes the advantages of using fleet software and the disadvantages of persisting with spreadsheets or paper. 

“The type of collaborative, often home-based working that current conditions are dictating just aren’t really possible without some kind of technological intervention.”