The RAC has launched a provenance check (service history) for vans.

Known as RAC Passport, the service is designed to provide a lower-cost alternative to competing products while offering the clout of the RAC name.

The service was launched for cars in March and has been adopted by more than 300 dealers.

“We see van dealers as an important part of our future customer base, so we are very pleased to be able to offer RAC Passport to them,” said Robert Diamond, managing director of Motoring Services at the RAC.  “The advantages that the product brings to car dealers – providing an industry standard provenance check at a low cost and backed by the credibility of the RAC name – apply just as strongly to van retailers.”

RAC Passport has a £2.99 standard price, £2.49 for 5,000 checks or more, £1.99 for 10,000 plus and from 99p above 50,000, which the motoring body said undercuts rivals by 50% or more.

Key features include customer-facing, downloadable RAC Car Passport documentation designed to maximise the credibility of the check, a £10,000 guarantee that can be increased to up to £50,000 to protect higher value vehicles in the event of the van differing from the report, and a mileage adjusted valuation that can be upgraded to a Glass’s valuation for an additional cost.