Railway engineering firm Redstone Rail has reported safer driving styles and a 5.3% improvement in fuel economy from its 30 LCVs after installing Lightfoot’s in-cab feedback device.

The firm compared drivers’ behaviour and fuel economy with the device installed, but turned off, and with the Lightfoot device turned on.

Lightfoot’s in-cab device uses live engine data to provide the driver with immediate visual and audible feedback about their efficiency and safety performance, offering them rewards for a good score. Drivers also get an app that gives them detailed feedback on their driving.

Redstone Rail found that excessive acceleration reduced by 57%, harsh corning decreased by 36%, while harsh braking halved.

Dave Carter, operations director at Redstone Rail, commented: “At Redstone, safety is paramount, and we continue to invest in technologies to assist us with the challenges we face. Running a large fleet of vehicles and keeping track of drivers is the simple element. It’s tracking driver behaviour where Lightfoot has had a real positive impact.”

Kira Askham, Redstone Rail fleet manager, added: “By trialling Lightfoot in ‘blind’ mode, we were able to establish a sound idea of how our drivers were performing. Once we activated the ‘live’ feedback, we were instantly able to see improvements.

“Without doubt, the rewards that our drivers can win through Lightfoot’s host of competitions, including cash prizes through The Drivers’ Lottery as well as consumer technology prizes and goodies, has made smooth driving desirable and fun. Boosted by the leagues which show how our drivers perform, we’re seeing positive competition with colleagues vying to be better than their peers.”