Plumbers and heating engineers are the most accident-prone van drivers on the road, according to an analysis of insurance quotes.

The research by price comparison website Money Supermarket, which looked at 700,000 incidents involving LCVs, found that one in nine of those professions had claimed as a result of an accident they had caused.

This was followed by one in 10 for company directors, one in 11 for carpenters, and one in 12 for joiners.

The data also showed that not all van drivers are the stereotypical tradespeople who might be expected, with other professions given including vicars and professional knitters.

It also suggested that not all van drivers use their vehicles for business purposes, with students and retirees also among those looking for van insurance.

The research also found the most commonly claimed-against accident when the driver was at fault was driving into the back of another vehicle, which had happened in 22% of cases.

This was followed by hitting a parked vehicle (18%) and running into an immobile object such as a lamppost or a wall (15%).