46% of UK van drivers have been involved in at least one accident due to distractions caused by the clutter in their vehicle, according to research by Comparethemarket.com.

In a survey of 1,000 van drivers, it found that 30% of these resulted in injury.

The top five categories of items causing clutter in vans were said to be tools and appliances, food and drink packaging, clothing and accessories (such as workwear or footwear), waste or rubbish, and debris such as sawdust or cement.

26% of drivers said they had experience items rolling near their brake or accelerator pedals, and 17% said their view from the windscreen had been blocked due to items on the dashboard.

Comparethemarket.com associate director Julie Daniels said: “Even minor distractions can cause accidents whilst you’re on the road and that’s why drivers should make an extra effort to cut back on clutter and reduce avoidable mistakes.

“With a van, it may be hard to keep clean, but safety should come first. Drivers should ensure that items are stowed safely and away from particularly hazardous areas such as the pedals or windscreen.”