Accessories manufacturer Rhino Products has launched a new range of roof bars for light commercial vehicles.

These include a new steel roof bar system – KammBar Fleet, which has been redesigned from its predecessor, DeltaBar, into what Rhino claims is the more aerodynamic Kamm teardrop shape, to minimise wind noise and drag.

Rhino says the high-tensile alloyed steel construction of KammBar Fleet (pictured), coupled with an inorganic topcoat zinc seal to protect against harsh weather conditions will make the bar one of the most durable systems on the market.

Rhino has also redesigned its premium aluminium roof bar, which is now called KammBar Pro, to make it stronger and more aerodynamic.

Steve Egerton, CEO of Rhino Products, said: “The latest generation of commercial vehicles requires a new generation of commercial vehicle accessories designed with modern vans and aerodynamics in mind. We’re thrilled to be releasing our new steel KammBar Fleet to market, as well as rebranding our extremely popular aluminium roof bar to KammBar Pro.”