Roadworks Alerts, an initiative from the Elgin website, is free to users and available at:

It can supply road works data direct to mobile phones or as automated feeds to websites. Elgin chairman Shane O’Neil claimed the service already covers 55% of England and Wales, encompassing 1.7 million road works.

The service forms part of the Government’s drive to open up local transport information by providing the public, traffic management professionals and utility companies with details of current and planned road works to enable them to avoid delays and cut journey times.

Councillor Robert Barr, from Warrington borough council, said: “We need to help our motorists avoid delays due to road works. Roadworks Alerts can help avoid the waste of time that congestion causes and will help councilors keep track of the effect of maintenance and repairs on the roads.”

Chris Wood, from Shropshire County Council’s Highway and Transport team, said: “Elgin is our primary tool for distributing road works information to the public, councilors, utilities and contractors and emergency services.”