Royal Mail has become the latest major fleet operator to join the UK Electric Fleets Coalition.

The campaign group is calling for the UK government to commit to 100% electric new light vehicle sales by 2030, as well as taking steps to stimulate demand for EVs and improve infrastructure.

Royal Mail, which has the largest business fleet in the UK, joins nearly 30 other fleet operators in the coalition, including BT and Openreach, Centrica, and DPD UK.

Royal Mail CEO Stuart Simpson said: “I am really pleased that we are joining this coalition to help accelerate the transition to low carbon, electric fleets across the UK. Our ‘feet on the street’ network means Royal Mail already has the lowest reported CO2 emissions per parcel amongst major UK delivery companies.

“But, we need to go further. We want to become a net zero carbon business with a 100% alternative fuel fleet. We want to play a leading role on this agenda. To that end, we are committed to buying more alternative fuel vehicles for our fleet. 

“We will work with this coalition to champion and enable the widespread implementation of charging infrastructure to make that happen in as many locations as possible across the UK.”