Animal charity the RSPCA has taken on six new short-wheelbase CR30 2.0-litre diesel Volkswagen Crafter vans as part of a new three-year fleet deal.

The vans will transport around 20,000 animals that are in need of care across the UK every year.

The vans have been converted to meet the needs of the charity. Changes include the load-space being sealed with a spray-on waterproof liner allowing the RSPCA’s workers to wash out the vehicles after use and the roofs of the Crafters being fitted with a ventilator in order to provide fresh air.

The Crafters have also been fitted with nine bespoke cages, which vary in sizes to suit different breeds. All cages also have removeable partitions between them to allow the RSPCA to pick up and transport more unusual passengers.

The RSPCA said operational benefits include low whole-life and running costs, and a fuel-efficient engine that returns 39.8 mpg and emits 187g/km of CO2, helping to save on fuel costs and reduce the fleet’s impact on the environment.