A quarter of people working in sales and marketing claimed on their van insurance in the last five years, insurance comparison site Quotezone has found.

The sales and marketing sector is closely followed by the fashion industry at 23% and chimney sweeps at 18%. The average van insurance claim stands at £3,465.

The data, based on 200,000 drivers, also showed that 22% of Hyundai van drivers claimed on their insurance, followed by 20% of Isuzu drivers and 18% of VW van drivers.

The makes of van least likely to be involved in an incident were Bedford (remember those?) and Piaggio, with a claim rate of just 9% for both.

Looking at which counties’ drivers file insurance claims most often, Quotezone found that 22% of van drivers living in Hertfordshire made a claim, followed by 21% in Shropshire and 20% in Cambridgeshire. Surrey and Gloucestershire seem to have the safest van drivers, with just 10% filing a claim in the last five years.

Greg Wilson, founder of Quotezone, said: “A motorist’s occupation is one of the variables most insurance providers factor into their insurance premium calculations, so we wanted to see if there was a noticeable correlation between certain professions and the risk of a van insurance claim being made.”