Scottish Water has introduced automated licence checking across its pool of more than 4,000 drivers through DriverCheck.

The organisation owns a fleet of more than 1,700 vehicles – including 1,300 vans – and also has 1,600 grey fleet drivers.

Fleet manager Elaine Pringle said it was a significant task for Scottish Water to ensure everyone driving for business purposes held a valid licence for the category of vehicle they were driving.

She said: “From that perspective, the DriverCheck service works really well for us. It provides automated, reliable driving licence checking, working continually and silently in the background, highlighting any issues.

“Joining DriverCheck is a straightforward process. As new starters are onboarding, they complete an e-declaration to allow DriverCheck to complete periodic licence checks on behalf of Scottish Water. This removes a significant administration burden.

“The use of DriverCheck gives me peace of mind that we are meeting our legal obligations and duty of care to our staff and members of the public, as driving is still one of the most dangerous work activities that we do.”