The average value of a van sold at auction in February reached £5532, a rise of £72 over January’s figure, BCA said in its latest Pulse report.

Values were up by £187 (3.5%) compared to February 2014’s figure. Age and mileage fell, with the average van being over a month younger and showing nearly 4000 miles on the odometer when sold in 2015.

Used fleet and lease LCVs averaged £6533 in February, an increase of £55 (0.8%) compared to January’s figure. Year-on-year, values were up by £24 (0.3%) with age and mileage higher than in 2014, the remarketing giant said.

“Although average values rose in February, similar conditions prevailed to the previous month, where rising volumes of poor condition or similar model vans were a significant factor,” said BCA’s head of commercial vehicles, Duncan Ward.

“Corporate volumes took a slightly larger share of the market in February, although issues over quality and presentation remain as vehicles from corporate sources are returning at generally higher ages and mileages than we were seeing a year ago.”