In today's Budget (20 March), he said: "The Government has foregone £6bn of revenue in fuel duty to date.

"I am cancelling this September's fuel duty rise altogether. Petrol will now be 13 pence per litre cheaper [than it would have been with previously planned rises].

He claimed that translates into a saving of £7 to fill up a small vehicle with fuel.

From 1 April 2013, Vehicle Excise Duty(VED) rates will increase in line with RPI (Retail price Index). The SMMT welcomed the Government's decision not to make signi?cant reforms to the structure of VED for cars and vans in this Parliament.

The Government will freeze the van benefit charge at £3,000 in 2013/14 and keep the van fuel benefit charge at £550 before allowing it to increase by RPI in 2014/15.