Drivers are now able to fill up with fuel using their smartphone, thanks to a tie-up between Shell and mobile payment giant PayPal.

Shell previously trialled the system in 2013 and ran a pilot scheme for invited Shell Drivers’ Club members earlier this year.

Customers can use the service through the existing Shell Motorist App linked to their PayPal account.

The system works by the driver selecting the ‘Fill Up & Go’ icon from the app’s homescreen and selecting the corresponding pump on the app once on the forecourt while in a vehicle.

Shell said motorists can choose any amount to spend between £20 and £150.

Once the amount has been entered, the driver will need scan a QR code displayed on the pump, which activates the fuel pump.

When the maximum fuel spend limit is reached the pump automatically stops dispensing.

Once the vehicle is refuelled a receipt is sent to the smartphone and the customer’s registered email address and the driver is free to drive away.

The system is currently compatible with Apple and Android devices with Windows support on its way.

The majority of the firm’s 1000 UK filling stations will accept the payments once the system has been rolled out across the country by the end of the year.

Shell prohibits the use of a mobile phone at its forecourts, and the payment system is only for use within a vehicle.

“We’ve created a simple and secure way to use mobile phones to pay at the pump nationwide. At PayPal, we’ve always believed people will use their mobile phones to pay if there’s a clear benefit,” said Rob Harper, director of mobile commerce at Paypal. “We’re offering drivers a faster way to fill up their car and pay, and get back on the road.”