A survey by Citroen UK has found 45% of shoppers would be more inclined to have their food shopping delivered if they knew the delivery would be conducted in an environmentally friendly way.

The manufacturer’s research also found 65% would be willing to pay a premium for sustainably produced food, with a quarter willing to pay more than 10% extra, while 61% of respondents would be keener to shop with food retailers that were eco-conscious.

Citroen has announced its findings alongside a deal to supply London-based food box company Wild Radish with an e-Dispatch electric van, to be used for deliveries for one month.

The van is expected to conduct more than 400 deliveries during the loan period.

Wild Radish co-founder James Bhardwaj said: “This collaboration with Citroen UK is a great opportunity for us to further reduce our environmental impact and to determine whether it’s viable for us to have our own fleet of fully-electric vehicles delivering in London in the near future.

“Having spent the first week with the Citroen e-Dispatch, we feel confident that we’ll be able to transition to fully-electric deliveries in the next 18 months.”