Rental firm Sixt has appointed Daniel Marasch as board member for its new van and truck division, citing significant market potential in commercial vehicles.

It says the new management division will help it target a market-leading role in the segment, which it expects to continue to grow due to demand for parcel delivery vehicles.

Marasch is a former board member at Lidl, and is said to have extensive experience in international expansion and in setting up sustainable logistics and supply chains.

Chairman of the Sixt board Erich Sixt said: “As one of the world’s most successful mobility providers, we aim to become a market-leading player in the European van and truck rental business in the long term, while cornering relevant market shares in the USA in the medium term. 

“We are looking forward to working with Daniel Marasch and together we will do our utmost to achieve this goal. By establishing the van and truck management division, Sixt is creating the necessary entrepreneurial scope to focus on the division’s global expansion – on an equal footing with the successful mobility sector. 

“Sixt is also responding to the increasing importance of the Van & Truck product sector, which has proved to be a stable, strong-selling constant in our mobility portfolio, especially during the Covid-19 crisis.”

Marasch said: “Sixt has the vision and determination to become a key international player in the hitherto highly fragmented van and truck rental market. 

“I will use all my experience of international logistics chains, full-scale international expansions and success-focused team leadership to achieve this ambition.”