Engineering firm SM UK has launched welfare vans, designed to give workers a safe and Covid-secure place to eat and keep clean while working on remote sites.

The vans are based on the Ford Transit, and are equipped with features such as sanitising stations, toilet facilities, a kitchen area and seating for up to seven people.

SM UK has invested £200,000 to develop the vehicles, which are also equipped with its roof-mounted solar panel, designed to reduce emissions, oil use and engine wear, and its scene lighting system, which illuminates the area surrounding the vehicle.

SM UK managing director Steve MacDonald said: “There is a growing demand for welfare vans as a result of Covid and this will help us reach new markets, as well as expand our offering to existing clients. A lot of our customers work within the construction industry and these vehicles are a valuable asset for sites.

“They provide a great, Covid-secure base for anyone working in highway maintenance, rail, utilities, remote locations, or those working across different sites.”

As well as developing its own fleet, SM UK is also offering conversions for firms with their own vans.

MacDonald said: “We expanded into bespoke van conversions a few years ago, offering customisable solutions from a single van to a nationwide fleet.

“Now, with the addition of the welfare features, we can install racking, lighting, safety equipment and more while taking into account the van’s uses, allowing us to transform it into exactly what the company needs for business.”