Powered by a 141bhp 2.0-litre common rail diesel married to a five-speed gearbox – an auto box is on offer as an option – the Kyron C-S van can handle a 530kg payload and boasts a 2.4m3 cargo area. Top towing capacity is 2,300kg and a digital tachograph installation kit is available for both this model and its stable-mate. A 4×2 Kyron C-S van is in the pipeline.

The Rexton C-S van comes with a 165hp 2.7-litre common rail diesel, again paired with a five-speed box with an auto box as an alternative. With a 2.2m3 load box it can cope with a 740kg payload and haul a braked trailer grossing at a hefty 3,200kg.

Prices excluding VAT are as follows: Kyron C-S (4×2) £11,999; Kyron C-S (4×4) £13,995; Rexton C-S £15,995. A bulkhead can be specified for an extra £299 ex VAT.

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