Logistics UK has awarded certification to St John Ambulance under its Van Excellence scheme.

The health and first aid charity has around 580 vehicles in its fleet, including 300 ambulances, 65 treatment centre and first aid units, and 190 support vans and cars.

The certification recognises St John Ambulance’s commitment to keeping its drivers, passengers and other road users safe through the adoption of best practice and a dedication to compliance.

Logistics UK marketing and communications director Kevin Green said: “I cannot over-emphasise the importance of safety in van operations and seeking Van Excellence certification is an ideal way of achieving this assurance. 

“The team at St John Ambulance recognises this and is committed to achieving the highest levels of safety and compliance. 

“We were thrilled to present this certification to them and look forward to working with them in the future as they strive to maintain excellence.”

St John Ambulance regional fleet manager Mick Coley said: “The accreditation shows that St John Ambulance has achieved a definable level of service and management, proving to our current and future customers that the charity has sufficient policies and processes in place to manage its drivers and vehicles and to deliver a high level of service and safety. 

“I believe it shows St John Ambulance cares for its drivers and vehicles and is willing and able to provide the evidence to show this. Over and above our commitment to CQC auditing, this award compares us directly to fleet industry standards.”