Targa Telematics has unveiled the first integration of fleet management services from Viasat with its internet of things platform, following its acquisition of the latter company.

Viasat Fleet Start and Advanced convert real-time data collected from vehicles into fleet management services, with the aim of allowing cost reduction, processes improvement, and protection against theft or misuse through stolen vehicle tracking. They also allow users to view reports on driving style and accidents, while the Advanced version includes a maintenance management function and monitoring of fleet fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Targa Telematics vice president for sales Alberto Falcione said: “Viasat Fleet Start and Advanced are the result of the integration of Viasat solutions into the Targa Telematics technology platform.

“This integration, accomplished in less than a year after the acquisition, was made possible by the harmony and synergy between the sales and go to market teams, who have worked together to provide a highly innovative solution. 

“On the one hand, we have benefited from the expertise in the logistics and transportation sectors. On the other hand, technological innovation has been constantly driven by an ongoing commitment to R&D, allowing us to enrich Viasat solutions with new features.”