Technology company Telent has reappointed TMC to manage mileage capture and auditing with its fleet.

Telent, which runs commercial vehicles as well as cars, is a former TMC customer that switched to in-house fuel and mileage management three years ago.

Now, staff changes, significant fleet growth and the use of telematics are said to have prompted Telent to return to TMC, which has been able to accommodate all its driver profiles and provide bespoke mileage capture, auditing and fuel management.

This includes the use of TMC’s mobile app in conjunction with vehicle telematics, along with director driver support for around 900 employees, and payroll interfaces.

Telent fleet manager Adam Bench said: “The increasing complexity of our fleet made management of mileage and fuel in-house more and more time consuming. 

“Using our new TMC solution has freed up a lot of time and enabled us to be more strategic to ensure we maximise the efficiency of our fleet. It’s good to be working with TMC again.”