Teletrac Navman has unveiled its latest fleet telematics system, featuring artificial intelligence (AI).

Where traditional telematics systems mostly rely on GPS and motion sensors, Teletrac Navman says its new TN360 system uses a scalable cloud ecosystem that connects data from sensors, cameras, mobile and third-party applications in real time.

It claims that where previous generation systems required users to spend time analysing digital reports to work out how their fleets could be improved, TN360’s AI removes the need for users to carry out their own analysis, allowing them to act on insights from the data more quickly.

The firm says the platform helps businesses to improve efficiency in areas such as route planning, logistic workflows, maintenance, driver behaviour, compliance and fuel management.

Users can also use voice-command technology to ask the AI system questions, which Teletrac Navman says eliminates the challenge of traditional data analytics. 

Teletrac Navman president Jens Meggers said: “The digital transformation of the mobile asset and fleet management space has only just begun.

“Artificial intelligence, scalable cloud technology, real-time computer vision sensors and easy-to-use smart data analysis are completely changing the telematics market. 

“We are at a pivotal step in the industry, digitising vertical industries unlike any time before.”

Teletrac Navman vice president of technology Andrew Rossington added: “Our goal is – and always has been – to simplify mobile asset and fleet management for our customers.

“We built TN360 with an AI-first approach on the latest technology stack, delivering a paradigm-shifting product. 

“We use this technology to process the masses of data collected and turn this into real answers. The platform converts data into decisions.”