Supermarket giant Tesco has taken on 52 new vans for its UK delivery fleet fitted with inverter-driven, fully-electric refrigeration units from Thermo King.

The E-200 refrigeration units don’t use an engine-driven compressor. Instead, they use energy from an auxiliary battery to drive a variable-speed inverter-driven electric compressor. 

As the power comes from the battery, the refrigeration units aren’t dependent on engine RPM, and can keep working even when the engine is switched off during breaks and deliveries, thus saving fuel and lowering noise. The units are also suitable for electric vans.

Steve Williams, area sales manager at Thermo King, said: “The technology of the E-200 gives our customers a unique mix of control, convenience, utilisation, and reliability that help them improve their transport operations.

“The E-200 represents the next generation of our fully electric refrigeration units and has been generating very positive feedback from our customers. They benefit from efficient temperature management, zero-emission, low noise and can move foods and goods with maximum convenience for people in urban areas.”