A fleet of 150 van drivers will now be operating with driver improvement software from The Driving Doctor.

Telecommunications firm Cable and Splicing Services (CASS) has signed a deal for its drivers to use the platform, which is designed to help improve driving skills and reduce accidents, turning telematics from just a data measuring tool into a proactive system.

CASS managing director Mark McKinney said: “We have some important telematics data from our vehicles but we were very keen to better manage our driver risk and working with The Driving Doctor we will be better able to mitigate our corporate responsibilities.

“It will be a massive step forward for us in our quest for better and safer driving in our fleet”.

The Driving Doctor CEO Paul Ripley said: “CASS are an extremely safety conscious company and already with telematics in place, it allowed us to provide the company and their drivers with a perpetual supply of education based on the telematics data capture.

“Our software platform provides proactive, evidence based, targeted coaching messages, interactive intervention campaigns and safety support programmes, all delivered online, direct to the driver.”