Three-quarters of van drivers have claimed Brexit will be good for their business.

That’s according to a survey by van leasing company Vanarama, which polled 1,073 SME owners and customers.

In addition, 71% claimed their business would grow during 2017, as Britain prepares to leave the European Union.

Predictably, considering the above responses, seven out of 10 said they would vote to leave the EU if another referendum were to be held tomorrow, while 62% said they want the UK to stop contributing to EU budgets.

“It’s great to see our customers across the UK leading the way towards Brexit with such positivity and energy. Van drivers are the backbone of the British economy – they’re tradespeople, small business owners, entrepreneurs, family members – and it’s encouraging to see them so keen to grab Brexit with both hands. The results are a fantastic demonstration of that get-up-and-go attitude small businesses in the UK are known for,” claimed Vanarama CEO, Andy Alderson.