SFS Fire Engineering has added six Toyota Corolla Commercial vans to its fleet.

The new hybrid vehicles will be used by the fire protection company’s team of engineers when installing and maintaining equipment.

The new vans, which replace diesel vehicles on the company’s fleet, were supplied through Neil Glasson at Currie Motors Fleet Business Centre, building on the long-standing relationship SFS has had with the retailer.

SFS managing director Tanya Smyth said: “Part of our sustainable business plan is to reduce our average fleet CO2 emissions. The Corolla Commercial achieved this result and also provided our engineers with the comfort of a car-derived van, with the added advantage it is manufactured in the UK, further reducing our carbon footprint.

“The fire safety industry is considered an essential service and it’s vital that we are able to support our clients 365 days a year. We chose hybrids over electric vehicles as we cannot risk any vehicle downtime that would delay our engineers reaching our customers. Vehicles need to be on hand the moment we need them, 24 hours a day.”

Toyota LCV manager Gareth Matthews said: “SRS’s vehicle usage requirements illustrate perfectly why we introduced Corolla Commercial to the market with a hybrid electric powertrain. 

“We also offer battery electric commercial vehicles in our Toyota Professional range, but at present not every business is ready to adopt this technology. The Corolla Commercial hybrid gives customers the flexibility of reducing their emissions while maintaining the performance and convenience their work demands.”