Telematics firm Trackm8 is providing its Insight Optimisation route-planning platform free of charge to fleets supporting supply chains crucial to helping people during the Covid-19 crisis.

Trackm8 says the platform is aimed primarily at SMEs and highlighted a spike in demand for deliveries of PPE (personal protection equipment) and groceries during the lockdown.

The firm claims AI-based route planning could improve the efficiency of deliveries to obscure and localised locations at a time when spikes in demand are hard to predict.

Trakm8 adds that as economies slow down to halt the spread of the virus, it also wants to support fleets by providing free access to its platform to help them bounce back when the market restrictions are lifted.

It claims the Insight Optimisation route planner can cut fuel consumption by 20%, improve productivity by 33% and is suitable for businesses making from five to 5,000 deliveries a day.

Peter Mansfield, group sales and marketing director at Trakm8, said: “At critical moments like these, it’s paramount that supply chains keep moving and goods get where they need to be.”