Truckman’s ARB Ascent hardtop has been approved for installation with Toyota’s Hilux pick-up.

Features of the hardtop include electric push-button lift-up side windows, and a plug-and-play wiring loom which allows it to integrate with the vehicle’s existing locking mechanism and be locked with the truck’s key fob.

The hardtop is designed to withstand 100kg dynamic and up to 400kg static weights, and comes matched to Toyota’s standard factory colours.

Other features include a spoiler, LED brake light, internal LED light, and a vent catch that allows the window to be adjusted between a lift-up or pop-out position.

The hardtop is available to order from all UK Toyota and Truckman dealers.

Truckman commercial director Matthew McConaghy said: “The ARB Ascent sets a new benchmark in performance and usability. While developing the ARB Ascent, our design team paid meticulous attention to detail, leveraging cutting-edge technology and real-world testing to ensure the ARB Ascent not only meets but exceeds our customers’ expectations.

“The Hilux is one of the world’s most popular pick-up trucks for a reason. It is reliable and very adaptable, so it can be customised to meet the driver’s needs, whether it is enhanced off-road ability, or safe storage of tools and hardware – the ARB Ascent is the perfect match.

“We’re constantly developing our pipeline of products to accessories and upgrades that take factory-fitted models and transform them into the ideal vehicle for whatever terrain and task our customers put them through.”