A police force has added four Ford Ranger pick-ups to its fleet, featuring hardtops from Truckman.

Lancashire Constabulary has distributed one of the vehicles to each of its three divisions, with the fourth assigned to headquarters.

The vehicles are fitted with the Truckman RS hardtop, allowing the safe transportation and storage of important equipment.

The hardtop features a wipe clean interior and solid sides for extra protection in storing and transporting equipment.

The security aspect is a particularly important feature for Lancashire Constabulary, which stores various apparatus in the truck bed including forensic suits, evidence recovery bags and specialist equipment for handling livestock and wildlife.

Primarily, the Rangers are used as response vehicles by officers trained to deal with wildlife and rural crime.

The hardtops are said to have proved useful for attending flooding events, as the Rangers can safely wade in deep water.

The constabulary found the enclosed load space particularly useful in the execution of a recent search warrant to recover and transport stolen generators and tools.

The constabulary has adapted the hardtop with the addition of blue emergency lights, side marker lights and its ‘Working with Communities’ logo, which is displayed on the hardtop’s solid sides.

Truckman executive chairman Mike Wheeler said: “The versatility of storage options provided by our hardtops is proving beneficial to Lancashire police. “Accessing rural areas while being able to transport essential equipment can be a challenge, which we have helped the constabulary overcome and support the delivery of its services across the county.”

Lorraine Ellwood, rural and wildlife crime coordinator for Lancashire Constabulary, said: “The addition of the Ford Rangers has made a great difference in the way the constabulary works, and we have experienced further improvement in access to rural areas since using Truckman’s hardtops.

“The unpredictable nature of our work makes it essential that we have secure and reliable vehicles which can be used in all weather conditions, and that is exactly what the Ford Rangers and the hardtops have provided.”