Accessories firm Truckman has begun offering a range of vehicle recovery equipment from its Australian parent company ARB.

The range of equipment being offered includes snatch straps, designed to stretch under load while extracting a bogged or immobilised 4×4 when a second vehicle is present, and winch extension straps, lightweight and non-stretch items designed for extending the length of a winch’s cable when the most suitable anchor point is out of reach.

Also available are snatch blocks, which enable drivers to retrieve loads that are double a winch’s capacity by reducing the load on the winch by half, allowing winching from varying angles when straight ahead isn’t the best option, and incorporate side plates designed to fit snugly against the pulley, eliminating the possibility of the winch cable becoming trapped in between.

Also on offer are a range of purpose-built recovery kits and bags containing essential items to release an off-road vehicle that has become stuck, and a selection of Tred recovery boards, designed to aid a 4×4 when traction is lost in conditions such as sand, mud, sludge or snow.

Truckman executive chairman Mike Wheeler said: “4×4 owners and vehicle recovery specialists often come across challenging terrains and extreme weather conditions, and need to be prepared in case their vehicle gets bogged down during a torrential downpour on a steep mountain track or stuck in deep mud or stranded in unstable sand.

“That is where ARB’s custom-built and highly tested recovery kits and accessories, which are ideal for both recreational and commercial scenarios, come into their own. 

“The key focus in the design and manufacturing of ARB accessories has been on reliability, performance and durability which complements Truckman’s ethos.”