Pick-up cover manufacturer Truckman has expanded its range of pick-up accessories with the launch of the Max Hardtop product line.

Available for the Fiat Fullback, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Amarok, it features lockable sliding windows. Designed to appeal to dog owners wanting ventilation for their four-legged friends, it also includes remote central locking, a carpet-lined interior, 55kg capacity roof bars and an interior light.

“The Truckman Max Hardtop brings together the latest innovations in manufacturing technology with years of experience, making it a product that meets the needs of even the most demanding pick-up owners,” said Mike Wheeler, executive chairman of Truckman. “Whether someone is looking for something to equip a fleet of vehicles, they’re a small business owner looking to get the most from their pick-up, or they want a safe and comfortable space for their dog to travel in, the Max Hardtop is the right choice.”