LCV accessories manufacturer Trucksmith has announced it will launch a dropside body for the Renault Trafic at this year’s CV Show in Birmingham.

Called the Target, the new product line is based on the low-roof platform-cab model and offers a loading space underneath the loadbed, which is accessible via a tailgate.

The upper area has 400mm high foldable sides, while the top deck is measured at 2850x1890mm. The Devon-based What Van? Award-winning converter said the new storage space is 1260mm wide and 505mm deep and has been designed to store bulky loads such as strimmers.

Constructed from pressed and welded steel, the loadbay is then mechanically fixed to the vehicle’s floor to form a one-piece structure

While pricing information hasn’t been announced at this stage, Trucksmith said the accessory will match Renault’s four-year/100,000-mile warranty.