Nigel Weaver, a 53-year-old courier based in Maidenhead, Berks, bought the van new from Slough dealership Burnham Garage in 2001. It still covers well over 1,000 miles a week and often goes over to mainland Europe.

“I do some work for a brewery and regularly have to take British-brewed beer out to the head office in Amsterdam,” says Weaver. “That gets some funny looks at Customs; taking a van load of beer out of the country rather than the other way round.”

He reckons that the key to his vehicle's longevity is regular maintenance. “I've always ensured the oil is changed as soon as it is due and have always used genuine Vauxhall parts,” he says.

The Combo was fitted with a new steering column and reconditioned gearbox at about 400,000 miles. “I could hardly complain given the mileage,” Weaver smiles.

“It still regularly does over 60mpg and I'm really impressed by the way the interior has held up,” he adds. “The cab scrubs up lovely.”