Northgate has launched an updated telematics service, designed to help fleets use data to maximise cost efficiencies.

The company is offering two levels of telematics provision. The first level, Control, includes live vehicle tracking, journey history, out-of-hours use monitoring, vehicle activity information, and can generate reports designed to help with the effective utilisation of vehicles.

At the second level, Control+, additional features include bespoke out-of-hours reporting, driver behaviour alerts, a full report suite with bespoke reporting, access to performance dashboards, and real-time alerts via SMS.

Further optional add-ons are also available, including front-facing cameras, driver tracking, Esso Fuel Card connectivity. Northgate can also provide face-to-face training on using the telematics services.

Northgate says the systems can be fitted to all the vehicles in a fleet, not just those it has supplied.

Northgate sales and marketing director Neil McCrossan said: “Northgate’s full suite of telematics provisions have been designed to help our customers maximise the overall efficiency of their fleets. 

“Whether through good route planning, ensuring that no unnecessary miles are covered, or through increasing vehicle range through better driving styles, our programme gives businesses the tools they need to ensure the best possible usage of their vehicles.”