However, prices have yet to recover all the ground lost since the start of last year. Average values peaked at £3,868 in January 2008. “I think a lot of the demand is a result of people going self-employed,” says UK business development manager, Duncan Ward. “Another reason is that businesses have realised that they can only put off investing in a replacement vehicle for so long, and it’s interesting to note that we’re seeing a lot more end-users coming forward and bidding.


Stock Shortages

“Attendance at sales is high and the level of activity I’m seeing is almost unprecedented; and I’ve been at BCA for 24 years,” he continues. “The net result is that we’re selling almost everything that’s entered in our sales and we’re now starting to see a real shortage of stock.” The shortage is being exacerbated by the number of companies that have acquired vehicles under contract hire agreements and have decided to extend their leases for an extra year. As a consequence their vans are not coming onto the market.

“Clean, late-registered light commercials are making a lot of money and the demand for double cab pick-ups has improved hugely,” he says. “That’s quite a contrast to the situation with new double cabs.”