A national utilities contractor says it has cut its vehicle accident rate by more than a third after installing telematics cameras across its fleet.

Having previously seen an increase in its accident rate, T&K Gallagher worked with supplier Track King, which recommended the Trakm8 RH600 4G telematics camera (pictured) as the best option for monitoring and analysing driver behaviour.

Since installing the cameras in its fleet of more than 500 vehicles, which includes LCVs and HGVs, T&K Gallagher says that along with a 39% reduction in accidents, it has also seen 35% less speeding, and a substantial reduction in fuel costs due to drivers adopting a smoother driving style.

T&K Gallagher director Sam Atherton said: “Safety is a core value of our company, and improving driver safety is one of our important goals. “Therefore we are delighted with the significant reductions in accident rates and speeding that the Trakm8 RH600 is delivering.”

Alongside installing the cameras, T&K has brought in speeding league tables, and a points-based system where employees who receive points undergo training to get them to slow down.

Atherton said: “Track King knows our business really well, and has helped us to get the most out of this new technology. The ability to easily analyse driver behaviour against a range of metrics enables us to quickly intervene when there is an issue.

“This helps us to reduce the risk of an accident for our colleagues and for other road users.

“Alongside health and safety, improved driver behaviour has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Our colleagues are ambassadors for our business, so better driving helps them to leave a good impression on our clients.”