Van drivers are five times more likely to receive a parking ticket in London than anywhere else in the country, the FTA (Freight Transport Association) has claimed.

According to a survey conducted by the trade body, the cost of fines were almost eight times higher than other areas of the UK.

The FTA’s data came from 85 companies, which were issued 16,043 parking fines between them. Of these PCNs, more than four-fifths were issued in London.

“Just because a truck is in a loading bay with its doors locked doesn’t mean it’s parked.  The driver may have gone inside to get paperwork signed, or secured his lorry while making contact with the consignee,” said Natalie Chapman, head of policy for London at FTA. “Better training is needed for enforcement officers to ensure they don’t ticket vehicles without just cause. Some operators are forced to employ people just to challenge tickets, or they pay a PCN appeals service to manage it for them.”