Two-thirds of British car drivers are less inclined to conduct business with companies whose drivers are unsafe, research by TomTom Telematics has revealed.

The survey of 1016 British drivers found that 3% of the respondents said that van drivers are the safest road users.

Van drivers ranked alongside high performance and sports car drivers (4%), taxi drivers (8%) and truck drivers (8%) in the bottom four.

Van drivers were also rated as the least polite road users, alongside sports car drivers (both 3%) and SUU drivers (4%)

At the other end of the scale, drivers of small and compact cars were voted as the safest on the road (27%), followed by saloon car drivers (23%), while bus and coach drivers rounded out the top three, with 17%.

Small and compact car drivers, meanwhile, were voted as the most polite drivers with a 26% share.

“I think business owners may be surprised by the results of this survey and the extent to which poor driving standards can impact on their companies,” said Taco van der Leij, vice-president of marketing at TomTom Telematics. “Telematics technology can play a key role in helping companies tackle issues around driving standards by providing employees with access to the appropriate training, guidance and technological aids.”