The Freight Transport Association’s Van Excellence scheme has broken through the 100-member mark, with Countrywide Farmers becoming the landmark member late last month.

The goal now is to attract more smaller fleets that haven’t necessarily felt the scheme applies to them as much as the larger firms, FTA head of vans Mark Cartwright told What Van? “They are starting to rumble the fact that it’s not just the big boys. We’re talking to a couple of sub-10 van fleets, which is good because that’s where we see the impact,” he said.

Part of that is trying to encourage members to push the message down their supply chain and contractors. “You can influence these guys – they’re all ultimately working for someone else in the supply chain,” said Cartwright. “If you’re a big, robust, corporate, responsible business, why wouldn’t you influence your suppliers to do this? We’re sharing the road with these guys, and if as a business you can influence them to improve safety then why wouldn’t you?”

Part of the Van Excellence efforts to appeal to smaller fleets will also include a targeted programme launching in the coming months, which will offer monthly payments to avoid the upfront cost and access to the tools the larger fleets are using to ensure safe and efficient operation.

“We’re trying to make it more accessible to smaller fleets. The message is that it’s not just for the big boys, and smaller fleets probably get more out of it,” said Cartwright.