Environmental risk management company Lucion Services says it has seen fuel economy from its 197-strong van fleet improve by more than 10% following the installation of the Lightfoot driver coaching system.

As well as fuel saving, the system is said to have prompted a 5.6% cut in CO2 emissions, and a 29% drop in idling time, while dangerous driving incidents are said to have been eradicated.

Lightfoot is also said to have reduced instances of harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, thanks to its dashboard display providing real-time feedback.

Lucion chief technical officer Ross Boulton said: “As a company we are looking beyond our competition, setting a benchmark and making our fleet more efficient and environmentally friendly. By introducing Lightfoot we are making our vans greener and our journeys safer.

“We also want to empower our staff and reward them for their performance. Lightfoot enables us to do that whilst introducing a little competitive edge to keep team spirits high.

“Already, our drivers have won prizes including Bluetooth speakers, Sony headphones, a Devon food hamper and other goodies. They can also enter The Drivers’ Lottery through the app giving them a one in ten chance of winning up to £100 in cash each week, as long as they maintain ‘Elite Driver’ status.”