The deal is only available from 8.00am on a Monday to 12 noon on a Friday. In other words, it’s not on offer at weekends — and it’s on Saturdays and Sundays that Mr & Mrs Average are likely to need a van to shift that old sofa or the mounds of stuff that student offspring need carting to university.

If you can take time off during the working week, however, then the deal isn’t a bad one. You pay £5.99 an hour for a car-derived van rising to £6.99 for a Ford Transit-sized panel van. The charge includes VAT. One way rentals are not available on hourly pricing and vans must be returned by 2.00pm on Friday.

There is, of course, no reason why a business that runs a car-derived van, but needs a panel van because it’s got something bigger than usual to deliver, shouldn’t take advantage of this deal. Europcar hires out light commercials from nearly 200 locations across the UK.