Almost one in four businesses using vans have turned down work that is no longer cost effective due to the soaring cost of fuel, according to research from 

With the cost of both diesel and petrol rising to above £2 per litre, the firm found 24% of 553 people surveyed who own or drive vans for work had rejected jobs that were no longer economically viable. 

The research also revealed fuel price hikes had forced 53% of businesses reliant on vans to put up their own prices with 14% also building mileage charges into the prices consumers pay. claims van users are now faced with paying, on average, £2,427 more annually to fuel their vehicles to carry out paid jobs. 

The research also shed light on the impact of supply shortages with 18% of van-using businesses turning down jobs because they could not source a suitable vehicle. 

In the current economic environment 34% of operators said buying a new van was too expensive with 16% saying they could not afford a used van either.