Leasing company Ogilvie Fleet has relaunched its free online EV database, which now includes vans for the first time.

The company says it added vans to the database, now called MiNextEV, due to increasing demand for the vehicles and a rapidly expanding range of models available.

MiNextEV allows users to compare real-world ranges and charging times for vehicles, which can be sorted by criteria such as price, range, and battery capacity.

Ogilvie Fleet sales and marketing director Nick Hardy said: “As soon as the nationwide transition to EVs began, the feedback from our customers was that understanding the many different vehicles, ranges and battery types was confusing. As a result, we launched our EV Database to allow for easy comparisons to be made between vehicles, and we made sure to use jargon-busting terms throughout.

“The newly relaunched database rebranded as MiNextEV now includes vans too. This was a small segment, which contained very few options when we first launched the database, but which is now growing rapidly, both in the number of vehicles available and also in customer demand.

“We know that this new inclusion will allow businesses looking to investigate the electrification of their commercial fleets to gain an initial understanding of their options. If they want more in depth information or wish to carry out a suitability analysis of their current fleet, Ogilvie Fleet are on hand to offer our impartial advice.”