The conversion is available as a purpose-designed cage for the existing Movano Tipper core conversion or as a custom-built VFS caged tipper based on the Movano chassis cab.

The cage is two metres high with a galvanised mesh and rear doors that open to 270 degrees. The vehicle includes a full height sliding door and a rear header bar with marker lamps for improved visibility. The assembly is painted in dark grey to match the original tipper body and handles, latches and door retainers are highlighted in yellow. 

The tail-lift features a folding aluminium platform and the external controls are mounted within a dustproof and waterproof enclosure, while an instrument panel and operation instruction signage are also included. The cage is available from £1,560 and the tail-lift is available from £2,480. Prices exclude VAT.

Vauxhall has also produced a utility cab conversion based on the Movano double cab to increase versatility.