Window firm Velux is switching its entire UK fleet from outright ownership to contract hire with Lex Autolease.

Having previously made the move with its cars, Velux is now doing the same with its LCVs, with most of the new fleet made up of Volkswagen Transporter Highline models, alongside a handful of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters.

Lex is said to have worked with Velux to develop a contract hire solution with a full service and maintenance package, moving the company to a whole life cost policy – a first step towards making its fleet more sustainable by reducing running costs and minimising vehicle downtime. 

Lex business development manager Christopher Hoey said: “Flexibility is key for all our clients but even more so in the current climate, so it was essential we did whatever we could to help Velux continue operating as near to normal as possible.

“By really getting to know the Velux team and how the business operates, we were able to recommend and develop a solution with the right vehicle for the right job, while showing them the benefits of contract hire by looking at the whole-life cost and the positive impact it can have on cash flow and the tax benefits.”

Velux finance director Lorraine Kane said: “Making the move to a fully leased fleet was a huge decision for us, and it felt pretty daunting. The relationship with our new vehicle provider had to be perfect. 

“It became clear after meeting with Chris and the rest of the Lex Autolease team, who are based nearby in Stirling, that we had nothing to worry about.

“They worked hard to understand exactly what we needed and developed a completely outsourced solution that will not only save us money but will bring our vehicles right up to date, making them greener and more reliable. There’s also real peace of mind that comes from knowing that all repairs and maintenance will be taken care of.”