Facilities management company Vertas is deploying telematics from Trakm8 with its 280-vehicle fleet.

Vertas’s aim is to move towards its target of being carbon neutral by 2030, as well as track and manage the fleet, reduce vehicle downtime, and help staff to reduce fuel-inefficient driver behaviours.

Initially, Trakm8’s C330 plug-in solution is being installed across the entire fleet, which includes vans alongside pool cars, minibuses and coaches.

Later this year, the plan is for this to be upgraded to Trakm8’s RH600 4G integrated telematics camera, including an in-cab camera system.

Vertas head of fleet and passenger transport Lee Howes said: “Vertas is dedicated to reducing its carbon emissions, a driving force behind our decision to upgrade our use of telematics in the fleets we operate.

“Using the telematics technology Trakm8 can provide gives us assurances that we can manage our vehicle and driver efficiency to assist us in reaching our target of carbon neutral by 2030.

“Trakm8 was the obvious choice as we wanted an immediate solution that could be integrated initially as a plug-in solution, whilst then having the option to provide a more extensive service as we worked on upgrading our fleet later this year. With a fleet of such varying vehicles, it was essential that any solution could be quickly and simply integrated across the whole fleet and be equally as effective throughout.“