Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has revealed a sketch of its sixth generation Transporter van ahead of its static unveiling in the metal on 15 April.

Since its launch in 1950 (it came to the UK in right-hand drive mode in 1954) the Transporter has attained iconic status with over 11.5 million models produced to date, including more than 300,000 sales in the UK. The current T5 was launched in 2003 and received What Van?’s Van of the Year Award.

The long-awaited T6 is finally expected to go on sale in the second half of the year but VW revealed a taster of what to expect at the Hanover CV Show in September last year in the shape of the 4motion Tristar pick-up concept. The Tristar is powered by a 2.0-litre 200hp TDI engine wedded to seven-speed DSG transmission and has a payload of 950kg.

Production of the new Transporter starts this year in Hanover, Germany and the model will also be built in Poznan, Poland.