More than 40% of commercial vehicle operators believe VOSA has acted upon its pledge to step up roadside inspections, according to research by TomTom Business Solutions.

In a study covering vehicles weighing from 3.5-tonnes, 46% of transport firms revealed growing concern about the risk of prosecution for tachograph offences. One in five said infringements had been recorded against them in the last three years.

Convictions for drivers’ hours violations can lead to fines of up to £5000 and, in extreme cases, custodial sentences of up to two years.

“The severity of these penalties and potential damage to a business’s reputation makes compliance crucial,” said TomTom Business Solutions boss Giles Margerison.

He claimed the time-consuming administrative process of manually downloading digital tachograph data could be avoided through the use of advanced software solutions such as TomTom’s Webfleet Tachograph Manager.