Although a spokesman for the brand told What Van? the e-Co-Motion is a unique model that cannot be compared with existing commercial vehicles, it appears to be similar in size to VW’s current Transporter van – albeit slightly more compact.

The e-Co-Motion’s dimensions are length: 4550mm; width; 1900mm; height 1960mm and VW claimed it has a payload of 800kg and a load capacity of 4.6m3.

The manufacturer said it utilised space to the maximum by housing the drive unit, battery and transmission system under the vehicle’s floor so that it does not impede the upper superstructure containing the cargo space.

VW envisages the electric van being used within cities’ limits where “predictable travel routes and fixed depots would simplify battery charging and equipment maintenance”.

The brand said the e-Co-Motion was the basis for a van that would be highly manoeuvrable with a small footprint and a high seat position to offer good all-round visibility. It stressed the importance of good seat ergonomics and walk-through access between cabin and load area.

Dr. Eckhard Scholz, spokesman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, added: “Loading should be made easy by a low cargo

floor height, and the vehicle should also offer a large cargo capacity. Ideally, the overall concept should be implemented as a uniform platform that could serve as a basis for as many derivatives as possible − for a wide variety of body concepts and customer solutions.”

The electric drive unit is mounted to the rear axle together with a single-speed

planetary gearbox to achieve a claimed turning circle of 8.95 metres via large wheel-turning angles at the front axle.

The vehicle’s power output extends to 85Kw (115hp) with maximum torque of 270Nm. VW said it would have a top speed of 120km/h (74mph) to negotiate city motorways and short inter-city routes.

A three stage modular battery pack would contain batteries with capacities of 20kWh, 30kWh and 40kWh to enable driving ranges of 100km (62 miles), 150km (93 miles) and 200km (124 miles),VW said.